Monday, November 24, 2008


Now I understand the game for the most part... Really haven't got a clue how to play it but its one of those games played by (in my mind) two kinds of people. People that are bored or people who are fairly intellectual. 

I only bring it up after having gone to a frat party at Harvard last night. There was a major game going on against Yale, so after the usual tail gating  and an immense amount of alcohol a friend of mine took me his frat house for a party. The alcohol continued, and to be completely honest, I'm struggling to remember the whole thing. I do however remember playing pool with some girls... i was beaten so badly, but hey its all about having a good time... no it isn't i hate losing. 

Now comes the point of my first rant of my first blog (hope I manage to keep this up). After the game I sat with a friend for a "quiet" drink, after chatting for a bit I looked up and found these two girls who had just beaten me like... like... I don't know, but badly. Anyway, they had started a game of chess. Fair enough you know, these girls may have been a bit bored, they're very smart so go wild. But then after about twenty minutes I looked up again  to see that a crowd had now gathered around them and was offering all sorts of advice and cheering them on. 

I couldn't make sense of it, here I was, sitting in an all American frat party getting completely wrecked and there was this game of chess going on. I hadn't seen the football game and hadn't heard of anyone going either. I kind of pictured 300 highly trained athletic machines on a field being supported by a small crowd of die hards who had nothing better to do that day. And I know why. All the others, after getting drunk at the tailgate buggered off home or to their respective frats to play chess.

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