Monday, November 24, 2008

Fat Meerkat

I've spent the whole day in the Boston Science museum. And, like most museums it can be quite interesting but for the most part its pretty dull. Probably wasn't helped by the fact that I seemed to choose the absolute worst possible time to go. There were shouting, screaming, running school children everywhere. The museum seemed to be more of a dumping ground for schools that couldn't be bothered to deal with the screaming youngsters.... the little s^*ts were everywhere. 

One thing you should know about me is my sense of direction and inability to maneuver my away a new environment. My uncle describes me as a 'blind dyslexic homing pigeon.' Its that bad. The point of me telling you this is so you understand how I managed up in the childrens main play area with security looking like they were phoning the rest of their over built jolly trio to tell them that there was a potential pedophile in the kids area. After a bit of confusion I got myself together figured out what I needed and then landed up in a small presentation room with a little man in a red blazer up at the front... more childs entertainment. 

This little man in his little red blazer said he had a 'special live animal' for us.... was fairly disappointed, suddenly thought of this guy dragging in some sort of dead creature to give us a grand talk.... that would have certainly sent all the little kids home. Fortunately for the meerkat he decided to bring it out alive. Depending on which side you were looking from. This poor thing had just been brought out in a a plastic fish tank with nothing but some wood chippings on the bottom to try hide away. 

To the actual point of my rant for the day.... I feel I should apologise for taking so long to actually get to the point, so, I'm sorry. The little man in the little red blazer had a slideshow going while he was explaining the life of a meerkat, and I couldn't help noticing how fit all the meerkats in the show were. Maybe not quite the right way to put it. The poor bugger he had in the fish tank looked more like an over weight hamster. It had a gut that any loyal beer indulgent drinker would be proud of... What are they feeding these things, McDonalds? For most of the show it just sat there, I'm sure he tried to stand on his hind a couple of times. But with all the wheezing and sweating he got over it really quickly. 

I suppose my rant is really about having all these creatures from all over the world in this world class museum and looking after them in such a way that the only thing they actually resemble come show time is a prize winning pig... I am sure however that the pig would have less problems with cholestrol.

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