Monday, December 1, 2008

... wtf... no, seriously.. wtf

I decided a while back to actually just try chill out with all the swearing but i the last 24 hrs my mouth has been so bad. If my parents had been around at the point I walked into Times Square I would have had my mouth washed out with enough soap to have cleaned even the most determined swamp donkey.

If you hadn't already figured out, I arrived in New York last night at half twelve after a four hour drive from Boston. The whole way into town I was full of "OH MY F&*K, LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT F$%KING BUILDING!" It really is the most amazing city to visit. 

After finally getting in we called a cab to take us into the city to meet up with a couple of friends. The poor cab driver had no idea what he was in for. I kept using only the most "descriptive" words I know when I would see a bigger, better or more American, just generally cool whatever. Then what would happen was i would stick my face against the window to look up which would cause it to fog up.... the obscenities that followed were disgusting. I'm sure the cabbie went straight home and prayed for me, or at least  had his cab exorcised. 

Rambling again (I've found myself to be quite good at this), anyway, by the time we hunted these guys down it was half past two. All the bars close at four... wtf? It makes no sense to me that New York is "the city that never sleeps" and yet they shut up at four. To really buzz up my rant, we ordered drinks at last rounds only to be told the moment they hit the table that we had to leave... wtf! How does that makes sense?

We finally got home about half four and passed out with the agreement that we'd be up at ten to do the tourist thing. While I'm on the topic of tourism. I hate it! I can't stand the plans to go and see some boring ass church or some big bridge that someone who once did something vaguely important... its annoying. My interest in NY was because it looked like a very cool place to work. Have been proven wrong though. I've been to several apartments and they're tiny, and a problem I seem to have picked up in the last couple of years is claustrophobia. Nothing serious but none-the-less it really gets to me sometimes (probably why I have lost my love of nightclubs). Back to story, we ended up only getting up and moving at twelve... 

Now my biggest bitch of my latest rant. You know, I come four hours here so I can have one day to check it out and the weather is absolutely the most shit possible. It was horribly overcast and drizzling and cold. Still powered through it though. We did Times Square, which is pretty cool. Never thought it would be possible to push that much marketing into that much space. Sure I would have appreciated it more if the weather had been more agreeable. 

Next stop, Ground Zero. Was quite moving being in the exact spot that so many people had died at in 2001. There are still people that put up pictures and memories from when they had spent time in the towers. There are huge dedications to the Firefighters. Still not entirely sure how I feel about three new bigger, taller towers being built in the space.

Then decided that due to the crap weather there was no point in trying to go up to the top of buildings to have a look at the view. We couldn't see the top from ground level because they were covered in cloud. So we headed off round the edge of Manhattan and had a look at the Statue of Liberty. Even from a distance it was pretty cool... thats really all I can find myself saying about it.

Good trip, glad I came but New York is like London on speed, and I'd already decided that was too much for me. New York is a no go. Anyway, my rambling rant is done for the day. So to my one follower, Russ, hope you are entertained.

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russ said...

extremely entertained murry Especially knowing the colorful way you use profanity !!!! That cabby life must have changed dramatically !