Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Nothing in Particular

Just been one of those days. I am a pretty confident person but for some reason I completely lose my footing here in the States. It feels weird, very uncomfortable. I went to order a Burrito earlier. It was a propper Mexican place and the options were chicken steak and several others that I couldn't figure out. I asked the guy for a large Burrito packed with what I thought looked oh my god so tasty, thought it was pork. When I said it to the Mexican taking my order he started shouting something to me... DO I LOOK LIKE A GOD DAMN LOCAL!!! 

Said I didn't know what he was saying he seemed to look very confused. Was my english not good enough or did this guy just not understand it. After my last rant I'm sure I may be overusing this, but WTF! I can understand Mexicans wanting to come over to the land of the free and the brave (I'll delve into this later, because it just isn't). But, once they're here and they've managed to land themselves a job, they should probably try figure out what the hell they're meant to be doing. I really don't feel that trying to order a burrito is like taking a bloody test. I've learnt my lesson, next time I go in there I'll take one of two things. Either a Spanish to English dictionary or a translator!... or maybe I just won't bother going back again because it was too effing frustrating. 

To their credit the burrito was actually very good. I had it with all the toppings just because I had no idea what they all were or what they guy was saying. I could go on all evening just because it feels like one of those days. 

Am leaving Boston tomorrow to head for Kansas City so it will be a couple of days before my next rant. Am signing out for now. Russ, take it easy

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