Friday, September 25, 2009

Mugabes CNN Interview

It's incredible to hear the man speak. I am in no way trying to turn this into a blog about Mugabe. In fact I would like nothing more than to be talking abot some other form of delinquency. Possibly the state of the players at the UCT rugby club after the finals or maybe even the fearless taxi drivers I have to endure every day on the way to work.
I just could not however let this one go. Apart from Hollands book and the occasional youtube video of Mugabe ranting on to his supporters of the West Madness and his ridiculous interpretation of BBC (read Hollands book to find out), I have never heard the man speaking english.

I haven't been able to get the whole interview (and I am sure there is more to it) but just this five minute segment makes me wonder. We already know how well educated this man is and that he absolutely epitomizes what a modern day tyrant is but does he really know what is going on? He claims to not know anything of the stats that the interviewer quizzes him about and pretty much just plays dumb.

It really makes me think that if he truly does not have a clue of the damage that he has incurred on Zimbabwe is he just a puppet? I know, it sounds kind of ridiculous but he honestly does not seem to think Zimbabwe is in such a terrible place and the interviewer has to continue as if she had not heard his objection. I don't think he does know in all totality what is and what has been going on. I think his cronies have done an impeccable job of breeding him up since he came into office to do exactly what they would like and have kept him at an arms length in order for him to be the face of the devastation. I have no doubt that Mugabe is horrible human being that should be tried in a court for his Human Rights crimes but I also think that he will no be alone. He could possibly start up his own football league with all the others who are responsible.... arseholes.

That's about it, can't be asked to keep talking about this cretin as it just pisses me off.

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