Monday, November 16, 2009

Appreciating the Dedication

Occasionally you can hear yourself getting half way through a sentence, realizing you actually have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and you decide it would be safer for all parties involved to just stop there. There is however that different breed of homo sapien (thinking man) that refuses to acknowledge that fairly crucial thought pattern. They don't understand that if they continue on the same line of thought with complete disregard of what is coming out of their mouth that they may be cast out of the heard... If they are lucky that is.

Granted that after a few alcoholic beverages most of us don't really give a shit anyway and say the most ridiculous things anyway. We have an excuse though..."I'm sorry, I have no idea what I was talking about. Was soooooooo blallad!" Its only the real hard asses that continue along their lines of sticking to their point of argument that they had the night before.... at about three in the morning.... in a shebeen... drinking flavored toilet wine..... An argument that I have seen my three year old cousin argue better. She even was drooling less than these chops.

We get back to speaking without thinking. I was at a braai yesterday and a mate of mine (we're using this term mate very liberally here) starts rambling on about trees. It goes on for twenty odd minutes with no one really paying much attention. He then comes up with this gem:

"You can climb any tree given the right equipment..." now this is the point in the sentence most people would go... "well, shit, no one cares about climbing trees so I'm going to stop talking". But NO! He then continues to finish his sentence

"... like a ladder"....

Well, thanks so much Yoda. Your age and wisdom have truly enlightened me today.

So, the phrase homo sapien which means "thinking man" clearly does not classify this breed. they should be classified under the ANC youth league. If at all you are confused watch this clip of some ANC youth league spokesman when questioned about their comments about Helen Zille "sleeping around"...

I have to appreciate the dudes dedication to his point... idiot

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