Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back to Reality and back again

Very rarely do you find something that just makes you cry. Not drowning small puppies kind of crying or being stabbed in the leg kind of crying.... If that makes you laugh you're just a freak and need psychiatric help.

The sort of crying that comes about just because you cannot contain yourself because it is just so god forsakingly funny. So funny that all you want to do is send it to every person you know out of work so that they may enjoy it as much as you have. Its done with the best intentions until you realize that the only reason you were able to get it through the email is because it came through the local server. If you have no idea where I'm going with this then email a friend or family member in zim some form of idiot message with a video file attached. (If at this stage you find yourself stuffed because you have no family in Zim and you just don't have any friends I'm sure we can make an arrangement to find someone equally as sad as you that you can email).

Anyway, what happens is that due to the nature of the local internet providers in Zim you completely cock up their email. The file takes so long to download on a dial up connection that it took less time for man to invent the wheel... Apparently in took a kuk long time (Oaks weren't so bright back in the day). No Steve Jobs was not the creator of everything that is technology... there were people before the iPod.

Having gone completely off topic I'd like to give you the most recent gem. Hope it entertains as much as it did me. To you gaming junkies, I take my hat off to you... only so that I may hit you with it. Enjoy

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