Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Balls all Over the Place

What do you think of my camera work with my phone, I mean this shot has it all. Mountain, city and balls... Lots of balls. They have set this up outside the Audi Centre near the Waterfront and I think is actually pretty cool.

The reality of the Football World Cup actually coming to South Africa next year has settled with me. Is SA ready for what will inevitably be a complete annihilation of Bafana Bafana (... we support you all the way) as well as the worlds biggest traffic jam. All the host Cities will be in grid lock. Not even the most sophisticated of Taxi drivers will be able to maneuver through the masses of traffic. And these are the same taxi drivers that are capable of successfully dodging the extensive amount of drivel that is Julius Malema... Oh boy, what will he have to say. A couple of weeks ago I put up a video of one of the other ANC youth league kids explaining to a radio presenter that "sleeping around is sleeping around". Fair enough, the man has a point. Or not, he;s an idiot in dire need of an education. Old Julius was not allowed to explain because even the ANC realize that although their youth league front man is a man of many many words, when it comes to putting those words together Julius is inevitably going to, and this is a given, cock it up. Watch this space for when I hear him say something about the World Cup. Does he even know about it?

Apart from Cape Town obviously and to a limited degree Johannesburg I have no idea how the other host cities are coping with getting ready for next year. I have to be honest, I think CT has been doing a superb job. Have you seen Greenpoint stadium, it should be in a dirty movie with all of the Victoria's Secret models. It is just that sexy. Just look at it.

I can't wait for next year. It will be a highly eventful year and will be just the most epic party for the duration of the World Cup. The games will be incredible and once you and your mates regain your hearing, which you lost because every second tourist that was at the game was trying to "blend in" and so were going mental with their vuvuzella, you will then talk about the games for years to come.

We are currently running a campaign for Engen involving how you would welcome the world to Africa next year. There have not been many people register and so chances of winning one of the Proudly South African hampers (valued at R3000) is pretty good. I personally came up with the goods going into those hampers so you know it'll be good. All you have to do is register and then upload a video, picture or text file describing how you will be welcoming the world to Africa. I'm not even from SA but its very cool to see that there are a lot of proud South Africans out there. If at all you are interested, and hell I would be, then click here. I also wrote about it a couple of weeks ago and you can check it out here.

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