Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blasphemous Crout

I feel like I have done a terrible injustice to a group that have served me so well over the last three years. They are a group of gentl..... reprobates who I became involved with back in 2007 when I was looking for my next 'fix' and found that they had the resources to help me out.

Since then there have been many a member come and go and only those die hards that are tough as nails (or just could not stand retirement) are still among the up and comers. Given the current players that have only started in the last year I am amazed that I have survived this long given that I was just the same as them three years ago. Thank God I have developed beyond that stage in my life (for the most part), I do not think I could have survived the strict Wednesday, Sunday routine any longer and would most likely have landed up in Claremonts emergency room... again. After only five minutes in my first outing I had already visited the ER (you can find their number here for future reference).

Over the years there has been many a party bus, injury (sober some, most not) and tunnel party to be had. If you have not already put the pieces together I am of course talking about one of the most entertaining social rugby clubs in Cape Town, The Shebeen Boys. For an actual description of the club you can read this, I however have the inside scoop.

For anyone that is looking for a great social side to get involved with please let your search end here. The committee, although old and mostly crippled from years of throwing their clearly Spartan boeps around the field, have made the club what it is today. A top of its class social event. I mean up until UCT got its greasy litte paws on a deal with FNB for 'The Varsity Cup' Shebeen had one of the biggest sponsors in the game, Guinness. Now if social, uncontrolled behavior does not have Guinness written all over it I don't know what does.

I have many a scar to show for my time with them and would really just like to say thank you.Thank you for three years of party with hopefully many more to follow. I do think however that I may only be able to cope with a monthly bender as opposed to twice a week. Maybe time to hand the reigns down to someone with a more fully functional liver.

'Quoniam potuimus bibimus' - We drink because we can


Anonymous said...

Shebeen all the way!
Awesome post.

Murray said...

Glad you enjoyed