Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Guinness photo shoot

Got out today for the Guinness photoshoot for next years saint Patricks day. Not really part of what I've been doing but thought it would be something cool to go check out.

We got to the photographers studio about half one and the scene was something to behold. Flood lights that could create enough light that even a bat could see. There was so much equipment in what was hardly a small room and right in the middle of the room was a very small table where all the equipment was aimed. Right in the middle of the table placed on top of a sheet of glass over a black surface with green light glowing out of them, were the most precisely placed Guinness glasses. Three of them with what looked like the most fantastic looking foam on the top of each one. Each one glistening with what looked like just the most perfect amount of condensation....

At that point I could have removed a testicle for just one sip of that fantastic black piece of heaven.

After five hours however you see how the advertising of such a hectic international brand really works. They're all in the details, it's amazing. There was at least an hour of adjusting glasses ever so slightly so that the light reflects perfectly, and in order to make sure that the foam did not dissapear to quickly there is a concunction made that thickens it.

When it come to moving the glasses and actually giving them that "Guinness look" a completely different character is hired. Apparently the dude we had didn't have a clue and kept cockin it up. Changes were within micrometers and I really did not see too much change between them... Probably why I'm not a creative or art director.

The end product however was amazing. Look for it next saint patricks day. If they o with hands you'll catch my greasy mit holding the glass on the right. Will put photos soon.

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