Monday, December 14, 2009

Late night or early morning?

I was lucky enough to crack nod to the 2009 Marketing Grad Evening at Fiesta Tapas Cafe Bar in the Cape Quarter last night. It always promised to be fantastic evening and the resultant party was absolutely epic. Four years of hardcore studying tends to create some very strong bonds among a class of only about sixty.

Being a marketing class everyone is pretty trendy and so all attendees were looking exceptionally smooth. I contemplated doing a best dressed vibe but have decided against as all the girls looked f***ing gorgeous and featured the likes of Miss Walker who was featured in the Porsche blog. She made light work of her date Mr Voget. You can't tell but he's loving it.

The evening started off calmly as all 'sophisticated' functions do with everyone looking very respectable. The facade that everyone managed to pull off was Oscar winning material. I have gotten to know all of these cats over the last four years and am proud to say that they kept the good behavior up for a record time on this occasion. The drunken misdemeanor only kicked in around the same time the snacks had been demolished by what looked like a group of starved Somalians. I have never seen such short work done on a mass of what were some very tasty treats. Fortunately I managed to get in a couple of pieces of chicken. On my third entry I gave in and backed off for fear that I may loose some vital appendages while trying to go for a third potato wedge. So on the food front, five stars... Still not sure what a couple of things were but shit they were tasty.

I have a huge problem with taking dates to functions like this. If you do not have a significant other you run the very real risk of being stuck with a wet blanket all night, who even after three quarters of a bottle of Jagermeister, will not get involved with the party. Instead they stand away awkwardly and ruin the night for their date. To those people, I hope you rot in hell for cocking up peoples evening. Fortunately we did not encounter too many of these last night and in fact pretty much everyone nailed it with their dates and the party was rocking. After being dubbed Muzz-dog-Turner there were suddenly several of us 'dogs' standing around the bar doing down downs... Would like to say that I have managed to maintain my reputation as being the worst downer in the history of the golden brew.

Some of the 'dogs' getting ready for yet another down down. Individual dogs became very depressed when they realized the wine was for free and downing bottles of wine would have been a far more rewarding experience. Chance of survival once that started... very slim.

Dancing became the next big thing in the evening once all the wine had been consumed (thanks George for keeping a bottle tucked away).  Our very own  Mr Jacoby did a fantastic fine job of the playlist, and apart from the occasional slightly questionable song coming up, people went nuts. There really was no stopping them.

My man George who was kind enough to make sure that there was a steady supply of Spier wine all evening. Great bunch working in Fiesta and they were even shaking their tail feathers later on in the evening. Some of us dance like a spider in a blender, it is just a flailing of arms and legs and involves very little coordination. These oaks could dance. Someone really does need to tell some of us that there really is no hope of a dancing career and we should pursue something else and if nothing else, just stop dancing.

I really want to be able to go on about each and every person there but I really don't want to give too much away and leaving a bit to the imagination never hurt anyone. Someone that does need a very special mention is Miss Nadia Reed.

Nadia put the whole night together and a budget I did not think was particularly big. And we got more than we bargained for, snacks were awesome, there was enough wine to kill a small herd of buffalo and the bar tab... enough said. Thanks so much Nadz, thanks for cracking me nod, thanks for putting it all together and thank you for introducing me to Frangelico.... Shivers just thinking about it. It really was a fantastic evening.

Frangelico.... One of the most awesome liqueurs I have ever been introduced to. A hazelnut liqueur from North Italy and my god its good.

Phil 'Thug Life' Voget showing his excitement at what was to be a fantastic evening.

Would like to just end by saying well done to everyone that has finished this year. It has been great getting to know all of you over the last four years and I wish you all the best in the future. Will hopefully see everyone again in the future.


Nadia said...

Murray, you posted this at 2.45am??? And quite coherently for that matter, thinking u might have needed more Frangelico

Phil 'Thug Life' Voget said...

Matthew Rosslee needs to be shot.

Murray said...

Nadz it went up just before lunch. Don't know why it says it went up earlier. But thanks again

Phil 'Thug Life' Voget said...

Muz clearly your blog is set to another timezone