Wednesday, December 23, 2009

May God have mercy on our souls...

Or at the very least strike these morons down. I am sorry, I am patient with Christians, they are after all people too, and believe it or not, some of my best friends are staunch Christian. These guys however are probably the most delusional god botherers out there. I lay absolutely no claim to have any extensive knowledge about the bible (diddly squat actually) but I am pretty sure that showing a bit of affection is okay. Let these chops carry on the way they are and in ten years Christians will not be allowed to be within fifty yards of their own children.... Side hug... give me an effing break.

No Christians were harmed in the making of this film!

And to the post pubescent white kids trying to be "lo rida's", please, I am absolutely begging you! Please find some other way to irritate the people of the world. If you don't I am sure that someone will get over your confused outlook on life and will most likely lodge a blunt teaspoon in your necks.

I hope you are having an absolutely fantastic Christmas season.

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