Thursday, December 17, 2009

Public Warning

As always I am concerned about the general well being of all those reading this blog. I therefore feel that it is my duty to inform you of a what looks to be a very suspicious woers sales that seem to be going on between the hours of about one and four in the morning along Claremont main road.

I am not talking about the legends that are situated outside Tin Roof and Tantra. They should be given their Springbok colours! If nothing else they should be allowed to start up a new stall within Tiger Tiger just next to the cocktail bar. Am I the only one that thinks that is probably one of the most amazing upgrades that could ever potentially happen?

Anyway, back to focus. Sorry I have a mean bout of man flu going on and so feel that the world will come to an end and thus maintaining focus while whining continuously is incredibly difficult. But will work on multitasking... Men after all are highly skilled in this and can have sex and a headache at the same time... Please all woman out there take note.

Back to the Nigerian human trafficking stall that is doubling as a boerewors role store. I wandered past it on Friday night in a state of complete inebriation and could not help but take a picture. Once I get sponsored an iPhone photo's will be getting better (hint hint).

I can understand the appeal. It is situated exactly half way between the shebeens that we frequent every Friday night and the land of pies and burgers that is Steers. Frankly we should be grateful for the small walk, if we did not have it we would be another ridiculously obese country. Even first year spread would be put to shame. For those that really don't dig the walk and are so blallad they forgot their name after their 12th tequila and have been calling themselves by the cats name it is so appealing. You're at the stage that you just need to put something in your face. Its the drunk nature of the sport! Regardless of what the critics say surviving a night in Claremont should be an Olympic sport. Its the full blown survival of the fittest.

Now I beg you to have a look down the alley that the sign was pointing down....

I see no road side woers stand. What I do see is a potential area to be mugged, raped and sold into the Nigerian human trafficking trade. A place where you may have diamonds placed in your nether regions and smuggled across borders... probably to Zim and unless you're looking for a cheap flight there it is probably not worth your while.

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