Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Superman spotted at the pub

Check this bad boy out. Spotted it yesterday on a quality control mission to Forries and could not help but take a photo. Superman does have the advantage of not having to drive home... The bastard flies.

The rest of us are forced to play rock, paper, scissors to determine the designated driver. I only bring this up because it is the season to be jolly and the effects are already being seen all over Cape Town. Yesterday alone I spotted three accidents (hope everyone is okay) and they were all suspiciously close to pubs in the mother city. So please for the christmas season be careful on the roads.

I have been nailed for drunk driving before and I can tell you that the whole experience is not something you would ever want to relive. If you feel even the slightest bit cautious about getting in your car and driving home, don't! There are some really good alternatives for getting home. Obviously a taxi but most drunks argue that they don't want to leave their car somewhere. Absolutely, fair enough, there are a couple of companies that will actually drive to where you are and will drive you home in your car. I have a couple of mates that use Good Fellas and they are very happy with their service so I highly recommend checking them out.

The BMW M3 that I've posted is purely a bit of smut because I think it is so incredibly sexy. You can go gawk at it at the BMW shop in Claremont.  I will be there every day after work until it gets sold drooling on the window.

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