Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tigers Wood

It was only about a month ago I heard on the radio that Tiger Woods had become the worlds first athlete to earn a billion dollars. Not the highly elusive Zimbabwean kwacha dollar which is worth less than a homeless mans nose hairs, but the good old green back... and a lot of them. That pretty much makes Tiger the worlds most successful sports personality. Something I don't really understand as the game of gold looks to be little more than hitting a small ball with a long expensive stick. Different strokes for different folks right.

Not long after I had heard that I heard that he had been in an accident. Does this look to be the first sign of Karma giving young Tiger a sign that maybe he should share out the wealth?

The man is a marketers dream. The first non-white dude to go pro... Nike almost broke its leg falling over itself as it was trying to get out of its office to sign Tiger up. He has had an incredibly successful career and all credit to him.

Now we get to the most recent press releases. Tiger has apparently been playing with his wood... a lot. The man hasn't been putting on the right greens and is now victim of the most irritating media frenzy. Scandal. You know what, no one cares. Its not like his wife would have married him if he didn't have a shit load of money anyway. Apparently she has moved out of their $2.5m home, and I bet she is staying with a friend waiting with a friend and waiting for the right time to strike with those divorce papers. It'll probably mean a half billion dollar pay out to her.

In no way am i saying that Tiger did the right thing... If he was dumb enough to do it he's dumb enough to get caught... The man has a billion dollars. Pay someone to keep it quiet. Seven have come out of the wood work saying they've played with Tiger, how many more will be getting on the train? Frankly, I don't care.

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