Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Morning

So for the first time in about a month I woke up in my own time feeling human. Up until this morning there has been hell, primarily self induced comas that were awesome until you woke up and felt like old arnie had dragged you through a terminator styled time warp only to come through the other side and feel like you've been the victim of violent robot orgy. Never a way you would want to spend an evening.

Anyway, had my coffee when I got to work and decided time to drop a quick blog. First had to deal with the fact that some other assholes twitter updates were appearing on my page. wtf! Problem now sorted. What I really wanted to let you know about is this dude David Thorne and his blog 27b/6. Oh my holy sack he has the most cracking sense of humor when it comes to responding to an email. Received it yesterday and was too busy having a mild hernia because of the hysteria of it to actually write anything. Anyway here are links to a couple of his responses that are cracking. Thanks Mole man.



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