Monday, December 21, 2009

'Twas the Week Before Christmas

The Christmas season is well upon us now... and has been for a while. It has taken longer this year for it to hit home, probably because there are those of us that will be working right up until Christmas eve and so are yet to taste the sweet luscious taste of freedom. We do everything we can to try and celebrate our bollocks off over the weekend to make ourselves feel better about the fact that while we have been in an air conditioned office all day all our mates have been on the beach... bastards!

On Saturday the celebrations found us on another quality control mission to Forries (again). The afternoon was carried out the same as every other day, with a continuous flow of SABs finest brews being distributed with a surprising amount of elegance. Not a drop was spilt! As the evening fast approached the sobriety levels dropped and the social ability of everyone attending increased drastically. We were super human and could have chatted up even the most obnoxious of Victoria Secret models.

A party bus full of Santas and some very attractive Ms Santas were the first to catch our attention. There must have been at least thirty of them out on the jolly. We were convinced that it was a company Christmas party but nay, they were just a group of friends. The party bus dubbed 'Santas Slosh' gets carried out every year and has apparently been growing since their first one. It has always been a closed party but I was assured but a very intoxicated Santa that they would be taking it public next year so watch this spot. If what the man says is true I will be there doing my merry thing. What a party.

The next merry bunch of gentlemen to join us were none other than The Cape Town Male Voice Choir. You have not heard of them! They are a local group (obviously) of fellows who have a passion for singing, and may I add, very well. They rolled into Forries with a bounce in their step after having just performed at Kirstenbosch for the Christmas Carols. We were lucky enough to get a free show, although I think that may have had more to do with the merry-ment and amount of beer consumed.

Pretty good hey! (They were apparently missing basses and baritones and so were not 100% satisfied with their pub performance. Maybe next year we will have the whole crew)

Finally, I would like to finish with giving respect to those fine ladies and gentlemen that serve us at our local Mac D's. After Saturday night I figured that I had done about as much damage to my system as possible and so a good old greasy burger would not hurt. While paying at the drive through (24hrs... awesome) I spotted this.

That's right. There will be no sleep at Macdonalds.... Unlucky.

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