Monday, January 25, 2010

Almost as Sexy as Teasers

If you read my blurb last week about the Apple Tablet you will have seen that Apple will be announcing the introduction of a few more toys on Wednesday. The big buzz is all over the Apple tablet/slate, no one knows for sure what it will be called, but I can not help but get excited about the next iPhone. The iPhone 4G. If you have had a look at the new Apple Magic Mouse you will know just how much more sexy Apple can get. This new iPhone will no doubt be do disappointment.

It will still be a long while before I get my greasy little fingers on one but man it will be awesome. Sorry Google, your android phone may just get blown out of the water before it has even been able to leave much of an impact... Unlucky.

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Anonymous said...

Don't need it but I sure as hell want it!