Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blackberry Curve

Have had several mates asking about the Blackberry Curve 8520 so thought I would let you know a bit more about it. Up until recently I was very much one of the "if it makes/receives calls and sends messages I am stoked". However I decided to move onto a smart phone after taking to the functionality in a big way.

I looked around for ages (primarily because I could not afford one straight away) and narrowed it down to the Nokia E63 and the Blackberry. I put a post up on Facebook asking guys what they thought and apart from the occasional scream out for an iPhone there was an overwhelming push towards Blackberry. Having only ever had Nokias I was still not completely sold on the idea but then realized that I have NEVER been able to make use of the full functionality of any of my Nokias. They just make it so ****ing difficult. Why would I spend all that money on a phone that would see me throwing myself into passing traffic in frustration!

So that was it. I got the Blackberry and then, as all guys do, I never bothered to read the instructions. We, as men, have natural abilities with such things... at least we did when we were sixteen. I toiled with the phone for two days without really getting too much additional functionality out of it. Then (skipping the instructions again) I hit Vodacom. They promptly told me to stop being a moron and buy a blackberry package (R60/month).

Once I did that it was like giving the Blackberry life, everything suddenly worked. I am very stoked with it and highly recommend it if you don't have the budget for an iPhone.

The big thing for everyone these days is being able to access their Facebook, Twitter, etc on their mobile. The Blackberry App Store is actually pretty good and you download the applications straight to the phone with ease (once you have bought a blackberry package). Another bonus is that online browsing is unlimited. You have 30 days unlimited internet access off the phone and the Blackberry chat app lets you connect and chat with other Blackberry users for free no matter where they are in the world.

A clever accessory which the guy sold me on is the Blackberry case. I needed a case and the guy explained that the case has a sensor in it that the Blackberry recognizes and so when a message, email, whatever comes through, you pull the phone out of the case and it will automatically open the message... Its all in the details.

If you are interested in one hit Hi-Fi Corp. They have them at a price far less than any of the Vodacom outlets.


Anonymous said...

Going on contract Muz - so will hit up the Vodashop!

Murray said...

Do it!