Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eskom Heart Failure

After spending four years studying economics (for side effects look here) I can understand the need to increase costs as time goes on. There has been a heavy recession which we are apparently on the recovery from  and so people were beginning to feel a bit better about the whole situation. No doubt Eighty20 will come out with one of their facts of the day that suicides have dramatically decreased since mid 2008. People who had been sweating bullets can chill out a bit knowing that there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Then there was Eskom. Someone over there decided that they needed more money. And so instead of possibly (I am just throwing an idea out there) creating packages better suited for the consumers they just said "we, as Eskom (God) choose to increase the cost of electricity by 35%, you (our minions) shall be forced to pay this or we shall cut your power (rape, pillage and plunder you and everyone you have ever known)".

I would like to commend Eskom on that outstanding piece of information. In one fowl swoop they successfully will have eradicated the overpopulation that South Africa had previously been so chronically suffering from. This will have occurred through any number of reasons.

On announcement of this all of those people who had been so badly violated by the recession and who were just coming out of months of 'successful' therapy will have done one of two things:

1. Thrown themselves in front of the nearest passing bus / cattle cart (LSM taken into consideration).
2. Had a massive heart attack.

I do understand that having a heart attack does not necessarily render you dead however these poor souls would arrive at the hospital which would then reconsider breaking out the shock pads and getting their ticker going. It would all be a bit pointless, the bugger would then get the bill (electricity costs included) and would just have another meltdown. Sooner or later they would die and the hospital would be short changed.

So, thank you Eskom for your crimes against humanity. Thank god you have found your senses and are now only going to change the price by 3-5%. You obviously spent some time studying economics as well.

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