Thursday, January 21, 2010

Man Meat

You know what really burns me up about the States? The fact that they have absolutely no idea how to make biltong. They instead feel that dehydrating meat is the same thing and well, it just is not. There seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel however. I heard a story a couple of weeks ago that a South African dude over there in Kansas City, who goes hunting on a fairly regular basis, has taken to hanging large quantities of meat in his coat room. I can appreciate the dedication to getting his hands on some authentic tong, lets see how long it lasts before his landlord finds out. Might be awkward handing coats out with pockets full of dead animal.

Fortunately, here in SA we do not have to go through quite the same 'hang dead animal in cupboard' routine, we have some awesome places that will instead do it for us. I need my weekly fix otherwise withdrawal kicks in and I can be quite an unpleasant character to be around. As a result I have found some amazing tong in CT. Going to be honest, the Woolworths Tong is pretty good, but for truly awesome Tong I go to The Biltong Box in Kenilworth in the Rosmead Ave Spar Complex.

They do every type of tong you could possibly hope for (except the fish one which is just dodgy anyway). The shop is one of those quiet, tucked away gems that not many people know about and when found they cannot help but keep going back. It is one of the worst addictions you can acquire. I mean average tong irritates me but the Biltong Box's tong is well... arousing.

They were a finalist at the Nedbank Small Business Awards which they proudly show in the store. Quite an achievement for such an inconspicuous store.

So, next time you are looking for some of the finest biltong in town drop in to the store. You will not regret it. If you are not satisfied with the tong at the end of the day I will eat my own shoe!

Address: 61c Rosmead Ave
Contact: 021 671 7409


Warren said...

Thanks Murray. Nice work there.

By the way check out the Super 14 competition starting soon. Win a kg of Beef Biltong by predicting the winner.

thebacon said...

I agreee entirely.... that shop is the shit!!! actually going there after work today... tanks murroulds