Monday, January 18, 2010

Marge Simpson Getting Raunchy

For me one of the most awesome things that happened last year was when the creators of The Simpsons finally gave in to the naggings of the guys at Playboy and let them put Marge Simpson on the front of their November issue. Being a huge Simpsons fan I could not pass up the opportunity to get my hands on one of them (nostalgic value of course).

By the time I got round to trying to find one I was flying home to Zim for Christmas. So while in O.R. Tambo doing the usual time wasting thing I decided to go in search of the blue fro beauty. The massive quality control mission I had been involved in the previous night did not help my cause but I was determined. I  wandered into all the bookstores trying to find it and failed miserably. I even took it to the point of asking the two sweet girls behind the counter of Exclusive Books if they had that particular copy... They didn't and I do not think I have ever been judged so obviously.

I got onto my flight and went home a bit bleak that I had not found it. Arriving on Christmas day we had the family and friends Christmas lunch and then came time for gifts... Check out what my sister (A.K.A Miguelette) got for me.

"While Homer is out Marge will play"

Best Christmas gift ever. Now all I have to do id find someone who can frame it.

There were apparently several other potential cartoon characters that Playboy had thought about. I really am not sure how much truth there is to it but you can check them out on Holy Taco. Enjoy!

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