Monday, January 25, 2010

A Little Old Lady, Two Swiss Girls, Many Seals and One Major Sunburn

When your Friday evening starts with an 80th you know that you are set for an awesome weekend. And when your next stop after that 80th is a party involving a jacuzzi and several topless girls you may actually begin to believe the previous statement. Due to the moral concerns there are around putting pictures of topless Swiss girls on the internet without their permission, I am sorry, but you will have to use your imagination. I am very sorry @zimisfit, I know how much you have been looking forward to that.

Moving on to the third social outing of the weekend was a cruise to Seal Island. For R90 you are given what can only be described as a student outing with enough punch to bring down a small heard of buffalo.

Unfortunately the toxic punch mix did not work so well with waves. Waves that after forty-five minutes of so, felt like they had come straight out of the 'Perfect Storm'. Most of the guys will disagree but they were HUGE... At least half meter high.

After recovering from a minor bout of sea sickness, there was an unusual smell plus a very definite tilt in the boat as we hit Seal Island. If you have never been out there it is well worth a look. There are hundreds of the little bastards. So, every so often one of them gets taken by a shark (unfortunately we didn't get to see that), so what... It keeps the tourists entertained and does wonders for the economy.

Moving swiftly on. Once you arrive back at the harbor you are sent off to the Hout Bay Yacht Club which comes as part of the package. Some may prefer to stay on the boat doing their utmost to finish the punish and diving off the boat after rogue seals, but sitting down on the deck of the club with an ice cold Castle draft really is not all together a bad alternative.

Now I have spoken about the characters I spent my Sunday with before, The Shebeen Boys. These finally toned and sculpted athletic machines took on the lesser toned and sculpted athletic machines of The Galetti Fourths in the Hashes. A highly competitive day of cricket that results in much sunburn, beer and a broken gnome (Shamus you shall be sorely missed). At the end of the day the Shebeen Boys won and sent the Galetti fourths home, although slightly drunk.

Both teams are involved in social rugby around Cape Town and the Galetti Fourths will be competing among some of the finest boeps in the Cape Town Tens Beer League which will be happening in two weeks. R120 for a weekend pass which is well worth it. Hope to see you all there.

Obvious suspicions around the method of scoring

Gary 'I'm so sorry Shamus' Fouche leads a couple of Shebeens finest off the field

"Why stress, we are better than them"

Shamus' final moment of glory with the Hashes Trophy

I have no doubt that after the excessive amount of alcohol consumed during the awards that there are certain details that will have been forgotten. The one I do remember clearly however is a statement to the effect of "fine, I will do the 2 Oceans Barefoot for charity"... Words of a madman (or possibly someone so intoxicated they could hardly keep their own eye lids open) but will be interesting to see any developments from here.

I hope everyone else had a weekend as cracking as mine.

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