Friday, January 15, 2010

The Morning After

Post party, when you and your mates are set gingerly  around the kitchen floor (laundry room, bathroom, etc. Please choose your poison) with your coffee and enough panado to take down a water buffalo, all the idiocy of the night before comes out. By far the most entertaining stories will come from the unusually quiet dude/dudette in the corner. They will avoid harassment for as long as they can, but inevitably, their turn will come. These conversations differ between men and women.

For women the morning after conversation goes from bitching that another chick had worn the same shade of mascara all the way to some ridiculous scandal about who was eyeing out whose boyfriend. Men make the conversation more simple... Who drank the most, who remembers the least, who scored the most? Those are the only topics that will come up. There is one conversation that starts off the same regardless of the sex. It goes something like this, "you know, we were out, there was alcohol, I was drunk, she/he was drunk, and... things happened." At that very moment everyone in the room goes, "oh****, what did you do?"

Provided you are not one of the parties directly involved you are guaranteed entertainment. I was threatened with my life if I put this photo up... but decided to do it anyway.

"Any statement?"

I am pretty sure this has happened to everyone at some point or another and if you have never had such an experience... you really need to get out more.

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