Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Serves me bloody right

I have been loyal to Nokia ever since I got my first brick back in 2001... Man that thing could take down a heard of elephants. It was the Great Wall and some.

However I decided to do the upgrade to a smartphone thing and after much asking and digging I settled on the Blackberry Curve 8520. It is a very slick looking phone and I was actually quite stoked to try it out with my mac... The disk that comes with the phone is not compatible so I had to do the Google thing and get the software, which, if I am honest is very average.

I then wanted to go about setting up my Gmail account so it goes through the mail on the Blackberry... I started that at three, will let you know when I have that one figured out! Then came trying to download all the apps that I tend to use on a daily basis. Another snag... awesome. Apparently the app store is not supported in SA and so trying to get any of the applications you want is near impossible.

If anyone has any insight on how to get this thing to work without the use of a four year engineering degree I would greatly appreciate it. In the mean time I am going to get back to figuring out how to change the ring tone...

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