Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Tree With the Branches

Trying to get specific details out of the most loose details is absolutely ridiculous. I think I have found a winner.

After getting mildly frustrated with this stupid description of the song I decided to tackle something else that has been irritating the hell out of me.

No doubt you will have seen the ad more than once. It is everywhere from Facebook to some strange site  where you pop bubbles with your cursor (bored afternoon). I have done a bit of digging and through my amazing ability to create clarity from noise I have found out that it is... wait for it.... just another scam.

This is just a jpeg so you are safe to click on it but if you want to know the deal check out Matt Earle. He has gone through the pain of finding out exactly what the scam is about. The guys behind this scam should be taken out with the likes of our mate Julius Malema and publicly humiliated. In fact it would be wasted on Julius. He does a pretty good job of doing that all be himself.

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