Thursday, January 21, 2010

Woolworths New Corporate ID

I honestly thought that there had been a **** up with the Woolworths SA Twitter account and they were just using a temp logo. But no, they are in fact apparently changing their corporate ID. A couple of years ago Pick'n Pay changed their Corporate ID and did a significantly better job. The differences were quite big but it was still recognizable.

Apart from the Twitter feed I can't find out too much more about Woolworths new look. The current logo screams premium and really feels like a quality brand of product.
And here is the new one. Please say it with me, "oh my God! Where did things go so horribly wrong?" I do apologize for the logo being slightly blurred but you get the general idea.
As I have been going off at them for this new look they have sent me a link to a store where they have already implemented this new image. You can check it out on Bizcommunity. And I am going to be honest, the whole package looks awesome but I do still feel very strongly about this 'W'. I am not a creative but is there absolutely no way to bring the premium look to the single icon?

Or, maybe it is just not working for me.

Thanks Woolies for the quick response.

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Phil said...

I think it's a winner Muz! Very appealing to me...