Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Always "Keep it Real"

I have heard rumors that The Jupiter Drawing Room has been at it again and had let the Windhoek man out to keep it real. I am a huge fan and went on the search. I had not been hunting gathering for more than five minutes and i found a horribly disturbing problem.
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The Jonas Brothers have managed to somehow get onto the search response list. Personally I find this horribly nauseating but I am sure that the Windhoek man will be hunting them and beating them down with some of Namibia's finest.

Managed to find a Windhoek ad that I have not seen yet but it was uploaded a while ago so can't be the new one. Enjoy all the same!

 And just because I really enjoy these, here are the rest.

If anyone knows of this 'new' ad please let me know about it.

(Please note that there is no air punching, pink drinks or red speedos on this blog).

[Thanks @bobin1001 for that last one]

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