Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Buzz With Google

In cracking into the online community I feel it is probably a good idea to try and keep up with what has happened, what is happening and what will be happening in the online communities. They are already so well established and it is hard to believe that there will be something possibly better coming. But hey, Facebook was the bollocks but we now have Twitter as well. Just proof that there can always be a bigger fish.

What has been of great interest over the last couple of days is the buzz about Google. Firstly, they decided to air an add during the Super Bowl. Google has always been a place to advertise and has never been an advertiser, apart from possibly Google Wave which seemed to be more word-of-mouth than anything else... It also seems to have been a flop and a pretty pointless piece of software.

The ad that aired, I personally think, is pretty cool and managed to keep a great, flowing story line. And all they did... was Google.

Will be fun to see what spoof ads come from this

Now to what the buzz is really about. Google Buzz. This is Googles most recent attempt at taking on social media. I am skeptical just because of the pointlessness I found in Google Wave but to be fair I am not a tech guru. For those that are interested here is a taste of the Google Buzz vibe.

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