Monday, February 8, 2010

Cape Town 10's Rock CT

The Weekend was always going to be one to remember with the Tens going bigger than last year. It is very impressive how successful it has become over just two years.

My fears of a debauchery on a level I could not even comprehend were confirmed when one of the guys stated that he was not there to **** spiders. Nice Moby (fellow Beer Monkey and fan of colourful wigs).

Before the welcome party had even begun one of the Fourths finest bench warmers had taken in enough of SABs finest that he was explaining how he would detach his penis... Needless to say I think he was disappointed at his inability to do so.

The weekend was one of epic proportion again and Skinstad and Fleck should be proud for putting together such an event. I really would like to think that the Cape Town 10's has joined the J&B Met as one of the top social events of the year. Beer, promo girls and plenty of rugby was always going to be a recipe for success.

I went supporting the Galetti Fourths and got some great pics of them at their finest moments. See you boys there next year!

Beer Monkey sponsored the Fourths drinking arm

The general vibe of the weekend

"make the circle beeger..."

If only you could have seen him after the beer

Lets play spot the brown eye

See more photos from the Tens here.

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