Sunday, February 28, 2010

R8 Given Away

A couple of months ago I am sure a lot of you would have heard about the dude (who quite clearly had more money than sense) gave his Audi R8 to a bunch of car guards... Makes me think that five years of varsity may have been a little excessive. Had I been to car guard training camp in the depths of Khayelitsha I could have a nice shiny R8 as well. Bleak!

Anyway, I am not entirely sure what the actual vibe is around it but from what I understand the guy said that he wanted them to do something great with it. So... They hacked a hole in the bonnet... No, really, they have put a hole in a million rand supercar... Okay, we will run with that. Why? So that people can give donations that I am assuming goes to some charity of the car guards choice.

I think the story is awesome and wish the dudes the best of luck with it. Spotted at Design Indaba over the weekend.

Its how all the best car guards role.

The holey bonnet

Some of the above mentioned styling car guards.

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