Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Skinstad Caged

The Waterfront has its own caged animal for the next few days. This is no like no other caged animal... This one volunteered! The Waterfront is fully behind Bob and is doing their own little bit of advertising to help out.

"Please no feeding of the beasts"

Bob has put himself behind bars to promote his charity Bobs For Good where he is raising money for SA kids. He was placed in the cage yesterday after there was media buzz over "Skinstad has been arrested". Everyone was reporting on it, from Sport 24 to 2 Oceans Vibe. Some very kiff marketing tactics there.

The man will be behind bars for the next few days and you can catch him there (he clearly won't be going anywhere). He is certainly doing more than most of us so I fully encourage you to try do your bit. R20 is not going to break the bank but could certainly make a difference (in no way are donations limited to R20 and I am sure overseas donations will be more than welcome).

The Cage

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