Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tree Huggers Up In Arms

Toyota had done something to truly be proud of. They have recalled about 436 000 Prius vehicles WORLDWIDE! This means that every tree hugger, with the exception of the half hearted mini driver spotted the other day, will be stuck at home. And because they will be stuck at home they will not be able to get out to irritate the rest of the world

So until Toyota can "fix" all these ridiculous cars the rest of us are free to buy eggs that are not Free-Range, go for a gentle Sunday drive around the mountain AND we will be able to purchase bog roll so soft you want to go to bed with it.... Just thinking about it makes me want to run out and employ the services of Pampers to make me some triple-ply. Ah, bliss.

So, even if this fix is temporary I would like to say thank you Toyota. Thank you for allowing us this brief period of time to breath before they are back to harass us for what no doubt will just be an irritating inconvenience in our otherwise epic days.

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