Saturday, March 20, 2010

2 Oceans Vibe Rocks The House

It took a couple of tequilas for us to scrape our fallen jaws off the floor but, my god, once we did we had a party. And what an awesome party. Seth (2 Oceans Vibe) pulled it off, everyone from Graham Smith to Kerry McGregor made an appearance and they were right in the party with the rest of us. There was nothing held back.

And the 'angels'... Well... Speechless. Camps Bay is known to play host to the most beautiful girls in Cape Town and I make no jokes when I say they were all there last night.

There are just no words

The Galetti VIP was certainly also a welcome extra for the party and we were looked after like rock stars. Next year I have no doubt it will be even bigger. Can't wait.

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