Friday, March 26, 2010

Avatar 2 Already in Production

After watching The Hurt Locker (watch trailer here) and being horribly disappointed I decided that watching Avatar again would make everything better. It may have been primarily because Avatar was in 3D that it left such an impact, or it may have been because James Camerons ex-wife was having it off with one of the judges at the Oscars, but the Hurt Locker felt sub standard. Avatar topped Titanic and is therefore AMAZING and should have won best movie. And as far as I am concerned it did!... The Hangover should have at least been nominated.

A sneak peak at Avatar 2. Enjoy!

I know, I know, you would shoot yourself if you had to sit through another spoof movie but it is entertaining. And hell if you throw a couple of smurfs into any 'Scary Movie' it is bound to get better... Well it certainly was not gong to be getting any worse.

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