Friday, March 12, 2010

Bikers Thanking Their Lucky Stars

Bikers tend to have a reputation as being some of societies most disruptive, drunk and generally not particularly intelligent... Which is why they are happy to stick a rocket between their legs and take off down the road.

In truth the average biker is actually a pretty chilled out dude with a real passion for riding. I mean you have to be honest, the idea of riding up the coast on a bike does sound pretty awesome... unless there is gail force wind, rain and its so cold you could put your soft parts on the exhaust and they would still be cold.

Been spotting this sticker on several cars and bikes over the last couple of months and decided eventually to do some digging.
Like a deer in headlights

The campaign is Think Bike and their vibe is to remind those of us (normal people) to be mindful of the bikers. They are there and all it takes is for you to change lanes without looking to cause a real problem. At the end of the day bikers are people to... kind of... just with no soul or sense of normality... or friends. A UK based organisation Think has run a campaign to raise awareness of this. It is just a fun way of looking at the anonymous being under that shell as a real person.

"Hi, I'm Tom and I'm a biker"...."shame Tom"

So, please be aware of the bikers. Enjoy!

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