Monday, March 8, 2010

Biltong Heaven

In no way do I encourage reckless driving and so I ask you to not buy from the Biltong Box if you plan on driving anywhere. Because you will, and this is a guarantee, be tempted to have just a small bite after which you will indulge completely. After this you will be determined to send me an email, text or Facebook message telling me how great it is. You will then be driving your car, with a face full of tong while reaching for more AND you will be on your phone... You will be a sitting duck for the Metro cops. So, please, don't be like this guy... Don't munch and drive.

The dedication is incredible

1 comment:

thebacon said...

Murr, you are full of lies! who ever this was, was not on his/her phone as he/she was munching away! do you see the phone icon in the corner no! Thus it was on a PC! and not driving! mmmm biltong box!