Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Earth Hour Effort

Earth Hour working on awareness of the campaign. They tweeted this morning that they now have 100 countries actively involved, twelve more than last year. I am probably the least gardening abled, green thumbed, make mud put seed person this side of the equator and yet even I think this is quite cool... Its a biodegradable leaf that does something good for the plants that you put it in and then it... biodegrades when it is done... I guess.

Not being a plant person I have no comment for this.
Its called a "spike"...

The vibe as far as I can tell is a call to action in businesses who tend to have these pot plants lying all over the place (kind of like Zumas children). Just says "I help your environment, Please help mine". I dig it. 

Earth hour, 27th March at half eight in the evening... Get involved. If you stick around I will come up with some ideas to keep you entertained when the lights go out. I am sure some of you may already however have plans, in which case... Have fun!

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