Friday, March 26, 2010

Gaga Viral

Since March 12th this video has been seen over 30 millions times, hectic! I am not normally a fan of the commercialized poppy crap, that gets spat out left right and centre from the states, but I have to be honest Lady Gaga has got it going on (even if she is a bit of a fruitcake). She has only been around for two years but she found the love straight off the bat with 'Poker Face'. I'm still not sure I will be front of the queue when her albums come out, but when her tunes get played in clubs people have a new found energy, and a good time is always guaranteed.

Check out her video with Beyonce while they role in the 'Pussy Wagon'... Yea, this is the explicit version but still SFW. I dig Virgin Mobile getting in on a piece of the pie, nice. Enjoy!

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