Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Hoff is History

Yesterday, trying to come up with some content to keep you entertained while you were drowning in your own sweat I came across a very interesting concept. It is hardly a kosher one and I am sure our parents would never have allowed us to sneak a peak when we were but toddlers (some of you may have still only be a twinkle in your old mans eye). But everyone knows The Hoff!

The Hoff is a big fan of the SPCA. What a legend!

When we were nothing but toddlers I have fond memories of running... Just around, there was never a direction but we were always on the move. Things have since changed and the furthest we often get is to the fridge before we have broken into a sweat that puts us off moving any further. 

The Hoff was responsible for this. He would get Pam and the rest of the girls to run.... and my God, they could run... It was epic... hypnotic even!

I would really like to start a campaign to bring the show back but since the Hoff is now, well, old and buggered and all the girls are pretty knackered I think we should give another generation a run.

They just keep running... 

What do we think? 

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