Monday, March 15, 2010

Lamborghinis New Accessory

This is a phone for those of you who feel like you are about to choke on your own tongue when you are told the price. This is the result of some heavy inbreeding between Tag Heuer (you may remember they once sponsored Tiger) and Lamborghini (more commonly seen driving into Ferraris among members of the ANC).

It is actually called the Tag Heuer Meridiist Automobili Lamborghini. That could get awkward asking your mate to please pass your "Tag Heuer Meridiist Automobili Lamborghini" from the other side of the table. Your friendship would probably end there, because, well, you are just a ****!

This really is a phone for those who have nothing left to live for. Its price tag... R70 000... And all those in the back seat have just thrown up on themselves. And this time you really are just paying for the branding, because apart from "... an above-average battery-life..." it is a very basic phone. I think the Nokia equivalent retails for about R200.... Ouch!

And don't Tag Heuer specialize in watches...? Not making much sense here.

The website has got to be one of the coolest I have ever seen and you can have a look at it here. The intro does take time and unless you have an incredible connection does not work so well. So again, I have spent literally minutes, painfully finding the intro for you. Enjoy!

Pretty cool all the same.

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