Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Next Car

Okay, i get the need for practicality and the whole "if you are going to buy a car get something sensible," but, I also get the "my god that is one of the funkiest cars I have ever seen." And you know what, screw practicality, lets for a moment assume we live in a world where people can buy a car just for the car without the need for a large boot, backseat and forty million airbags (apparently it comes with the territory when you get married).

So, say good -bye to your Volvo Station wagon or Nissan Hardbody and say hello to Local Motors Rally Fighter. Just the name gets me excited, it is a car that a six year old would draw, with big wheels, machine guns and enough testosterone to take down the Springbok tight five. Styled after old war birds and just look at it! It just looks cool, you could take this thing anywhere... Except for any normal parking spot at UCT, but who cares. It is Kit (from Knight Rider), but now on steroids!

A lot of cars like these only ever get as far as concept but never actually get made. This bad boy is the real deal. The dream of every man going through a mid life crisis, I want one! Enjoy!

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