Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Official FIFA 2010 Music!

Okay, so, as far as I can work out FIFA has not only the official anthem but they also have organized other official theme songs. Up until now I was under the impression that Akon had been roped in last year to do the anthem and only this evening I have found out otherwise. Akon has done the recordings of the official theme songs which I think will be getting released as we get closer to the World Cup. For a brief preview of the goods to come here is Akon with Keri Hilson in Oh Africa. Remember that this is a theme song. Enjoy!

Very cool song, and the music video is not half bad either. Now we have the official ANTHEM, which is by K'Naan and the song is 'Wavin' Flag'. Enjoy!

And I really dig that!

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