Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Varsity Cup Final

I have a huge concern that I may actually be growing up because I seem to be struggling (in my old age) to keep up with the whole student vibe. I decided to go watch the Varsity Cup final, with huge emphasis being on WATCH. There were no plans for any drinking up until the point we arrived and realized that we were never going to survive the mass of students unless we ourselves indulged slightly as well.

So, after skipping most of the queue and still queuing for forty minutes we finally got out liquid bread (beer for the uninformed). Then into the sea of students where we got to watch some great rugby (even if Ikeys lost), have beer cans launched at us from the Maties (even though they won), have a laugh at the streaker (he was never going to win) and generally just enjoy with the mates (the alcohol helped and we all won).
View from das Beer queue... not half bad
Cameraman who was almost caught in the can cross-fire
Monday Night Lights

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