Wednesday, March 3, 2010

World Cup Countdown

Tuesday marked one hundred days to the Football World Cup and the radio was going absolutely crazy. Each and every DJ sounded like they had been popping ecstasy like smarties on their way into the studio, they were buzzing. Pretty much all I heard about was the exciting countdown that we have now entered into... or have we? Maybe this countdown has gone public a little too early. Understandably FIFA wants a nation that will be doing cartwheels up to the world cup... Or at the very least a bit of waddling and weazing. It would otherwise be a pretty dull experience with nothing else but the usual mugging and the three drunk bergies in Mowbray (medical marvels).

Maybe it is because Cape Town likes to role differently from the rest of the country (we are after all considered an International City), Kimberley does not really compare. But all I saw was this one poor dude proudly wearing his FIFA 2010 cap, and that was it, all day, and it was a long day. The poor little guy then became shy and hid his face away when I asked to take a photo of him. Shame.

Could be Britneys arrival in the Cape for all you know!

If anyone saw or heard of anything that authentically got them excited for the one hundred day countdown. Please let me know. And I mean real excited, like streaking naked across Newlands with a lit  piece of bog roll poking out your arse.

By the way it is now only 99 days until the World Cup... Excited yet?

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