Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Facebook Trending

So for those on Twitter you will have seen that they show you what is trending worldwide or in a country of your choice, except South Africa because what is being talked about is obvious (Malema, Rugby and Last night). I am sure that in not so long from now we will be able to find out exactly what is trending in SA, and I can guarantee it won't be that twelve year old Justin Bieber. Irritates me for no particular reason and I find comfort in knowing that he will never have a chance at an even remotely normal life with real friends.

Moving on swiftly, I have found this very cool site that lets you find out what is trending on Facebook. Just another way of delving into the market place and finding out what people are talking about. On Twitter they have to make a point of marking an interest that they have, Facebook makes it very easy with just a "like" button. Very few companies and organizations have not created or taken part on some level on Facebook and people can very simply click "like". Those poor bastards that haven't even had a single "like" don't stand a chance in hell. Site is called, and wait for it because this is a real winner, would love to meet the man who came up with the creative on this gem, "Like Button." Pure genius!

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