Friday, April 30, 2010

The Future of Advertising

What I love about advances in advertising is that when a new technology is discovered the rate at which that technology (if it is successful) spreads is exponential. Over the last year there have been huge advances in augmented reality and 3-dimensional technology. Ten years ago or so there was a huge outcry about subliminal advertising, during the intermission in a movie a Coke ad would air displaying massive waterfalls or huge, expansive desserts. We really didn't have chance, we were sold.

With augmented reality and 3D I think we stand very little chance in what brands we develop a bit of a fetish for (my iPod touch is well sexy). I think the biggest concern for the big brands out there is who will get involved with the technology FIRST! No matter what the advertising may show, the technology and the experience that we have when we watch is just awesome.

And when it comes to big brands, there are none better known that Coke. A company called Real Fiction has done this visual integration of augmented reality and 3D and it is just amazing. I have spoken about and shown many applications and ads before that featured augmented reality, and recently I have had my say on 3D, but this! This is just awesome! Enjoy!

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