Tuesday, April 20, 2010

iPhone 4G "Pre-release"

When Apple are about to release a new device there are huge press conferences with build ups to an absolutely epic event, with fireworks and dancing girls (a guy can dream). We saw it a couple of months ago when they introduced the iPad, people went nuts, it had been something many of us had been looking forward to with much anticipation.

They saw fit to introduce the iPhone 4G slightly differently... Okay, a LOT different. They decided to have one of their software engineers leave it on his stool at his local pub so that the Gizmodo could conveniently sweep in and take it to pieces. The result - cause what has now, at least over the next couple of days, HUGE hype around the next iPhone. I can already hear my neighbor sawing off his other leg so he can pay for it.

In truth, this guy, Gray Powell (the software engineer in question)(and no, not Gary, it is Gray...)
"Hey bru, you seen my iPhone 4G? No?... Steve is gonna be pissed"

He went to a pub (you won't know it) and he got pissed (god forbid). I don't know that for fact but that would certainly be the argument I would go in with when Steve calls for me. "You know how it is Stevie, a couple of drinks, that lady-boy on the other side of the bar, and I just turned off. I am SO sorry!"

Bet Mr Jobs is pissed right now! One more word on this before moving on to the really juicy stuff:

Composed and moving on swiftly. So, to the main event or at least what we are hoping is the main event. 

So, this is what was apparently found at the pub our man Gray had been putting the hammer down at. The rumors are flying at the moment as to the legitimacy of the whole thing. Gizmodo got hold of it while it was disguised as an iPhone 3GS (very clever Gray, living under a bridge yet?). They then proceeded to tear it apart to see if it was the real thing and from their site they seem quite convinced. To be honest, so am I. Apart from not being sold on the way it looks the features are awesome, does not look as slick as the current iPhone. 
Surfaced on TwitPic

What do we think? Has Gray been sacked by Steve and is this what we are expecting for the next iPhone?

Read more here.

Apple was quite upset and asked for it back (here). Their software engineers won't be allowed out to play for a while. Unlucky lads.

[Thanks Mark]


Rory said...

My favourite part was that his last facebook update from that beta iphone was something like "mmmmm, i didnt know german beer tasted so good!" CLASSIC

Murray said...

What a winner