Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Note on Justin Bieber

Any of the Twitterati will have seen that over the last couple of weeks there was a very annoying trend for 'Justin Bieber'... Why him? I actually wish I could give you the answer but all can come up with are a bunch of reasons... Like - 16 year old girls have too much time on their hands, or, Usher (Biebers mentor) has his mass of extremely excited 16 year old followers drooling all over the idea of another teen superstar.

Having it trending for so long  it managed to get under my skin, it is a bit like when someone has 'that' face, the one that means you will not like them. They could be humanitarian aid workers, but with 'that' face they stand no chance.

But now, it has stopped trending... For now. It went on for two weeks, people noticed, what are they doing now... Talking about it, and Biebers music videos are now going viral with one of them having had almost 60 million views... Hectic! I would have put one up but I can't stand his music, teen pop rubbish.... Suicidal stuff.

Now we will have to deal with Bieber all over the web for a long time to come. Can't we get someone like Jack Parrow trending. He is at least entertaining. In fact... Enjoy!

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