Friday, April 2, 2010

Some Economic Reasoning

For anyone that has even the most remotest sense of humor you will agree that a good t-shirt is really hard to come by. A lot of them are really just repeating what has been done a hundred times over... I think if I see another "mind the gap" t-shirt I may just throw myself off a bridge and welcome the oncoming traffic. The creativity has gone out the window... Or has it?

Let me (re)introduce you to Beer Monkey and their blog which looks as if the writers have had a couple of brewskies before finding the energy to sit and write an article (I should know... I am one of them). They have a new tee coming out in the next couple of weeks and... I need one! I feel I will no longer be able to carry on any remotely normal sense of existence unless I have this t-shirt... Or it is just me?

Awesome? I think so.

If you need more incentive work on the economic reasoning that some Beer Monkey came up with:

Economics 101.
You buy shirt.
We take money and buy beer.
People who make beer buy another yacht and hire more strippers.
Strippers send money back to the Ukraine.
And the world economy benefits.
So don’t be a communist. Buy some shirts.

Sound like solid reasoning to me.

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